Monday, 3 January 2011

New year resolutions!

Well what else do you blog about for the first time in a new year, if not to share your new year resolutions??!

After considerable thought I have decided that my new years resolutions are;
1. to be more organised- everything housework/ school functions/ family stuff
2. to manage my time so I have more of it to spend with the children
3. to make more furnishings for around the home
4. to make more clothes
5. to work at reducing my debts (follows on from last years!)

So to complete this list where else would I start than with more lists?

To work on my 1st New years resolution I have decided to follow an American site fly I have used in the past. Last time I didnot follow it totally as prescribed, but it helped for a while although I have fallen off the wagon someone in recent months. So I am going back to the beginning and starting again. I love the acronyms used in this site- FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself. CHAOS is used for Can;t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. Its extremely simple to use and Starts to work straight away although you are eased into the housework. What more could you want?
So I have spent this evening making my housework lists, and laminating them so that I can tick off each item as I go. I'm so (ridicoulously) excited about this!

2. I am hoping by having a set time to do each of the normal jobs each day, and a list so that I remember what I need to do, I will spend less time worring about what I need to do so I am more organised and have time for the children.

3. Our home needs more of our personalities stamped on it, I can't actually decorate it until the summer, a recomendation I was given when we moved in was not to decorate for a year as its a new build and needs time to dry out. So by putting my own furnishings in it will look more homely. I have started and some rooms are getting there.

4. I loved some of the clothes I made Stephanie last year and would love to make some of my own, and Stephanie has already put in an order for some new dresses yesterday when we were sorting through her wardrobe.

5. I am going to continue with my thrifty ways so I can continue to reduce my past debts. I posted about this way back when I started this blog. I am managing to slowly do this, hopefully once I have finished my training this will be easier to achieve, as I will have more of an income. I knew when I started that this wouldn't be something I could acheive in under a year, it is more likely to be several years before I have finished this but I am getting there slowly.

So there you go, those are my new years resolutions and the reasons for them- what are yours?

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