Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another Stephanie Skirt

OK so you may have noticed the celebrate the boy button which appeared on the side of my blog last week. This button is linked to all sorts of things to make for boys. I joined this group as I always seem to be making for Stephanie and never for Dylan. Although to be fair Dylan is a funny lad about his clothes and only wears certain colours/ types hence he aways looks the same! I joined in the hope I would find inspiration for something I could make him.And many of the makes over there are very sweet, if only he was still a toddler.

So instead of making for something I made something else

Yes its another GIRL make! does it look familiar? that's because I made it from the off cuts of my dress. I'm quite impressed as I made it without a pattern, I just had an idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like, and its pretty close.

I walked to my QTS skills test today and popped in a little sewing shop along the way. I found these fabrics which I thought would be perfect for the little pirates party bags at Stephanie's forthcoming birthday;
So I will be making something for boys, even if its not MY boy, just yet. Well the flower print is destined for a different project, more of that later.

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