Tuesday, 15 February 2011

So how was your day?

Today on twitter I saw a couple of tweets by Vanessa Kimble which to me gave shocking statistics.

Apparently only 27% of families eat together each day and 20% of people say they use Facebook and twitter whilst eating.

Whilst I know there is plenty of BIG news out there, this really shocked me and I have spent most of the day wondering about it. It is making me ask the question- How do you do dinner times?

In my house everyone eats around the dinner table (shock to my brother in law over Christmas!), I have a ban on mobile phones/ laptops/ actually all phones at the table. I also do not have a TV in the kitchen. For me dinner is a time to talk to each other. We waffle about all sorts, I try and prise snippets of information about each of the children's days at school etc, I must say I am pretty successful at getting them chatting now. We talk about our plans and suggest things we could do as a family, or just plan the next days dinner. Anything and everything gets aired at the table.

Last night we discussed having this for dinner;
Lasagne is Dylan's favourite, however, Stephanie and I don't like it. So we decided to have Jacket potatoes, which Dylan doesn't like.

Tonight's discussion contained, amongst other things, that next time I make lasagne Stephanie would like to try a little (she couldn't today as I had used a tin of tomatoes with citric acid in) and a decision that tomorrow's dinner would be chicken curry.

So go on share your routines- how do YOU do your dinner?

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