Sunday, 13 February 2011

eco cleaning power!

OK so after today's dinner I thought- My gosh I need to clean that oven!

So a quick root through the cupboard and I had none of my usual oven cleaner. I though I could not do it, but I vaguely remembered that Bicarb and vinegar are often used to clean by some people, mix them together they kind of fizz and foam a bit like oven cleaners? Do you see where I am going with this?
Yep I sprinkled bicarb on the oven then shook vinegar all over. Look what happened:

I am so impressed with how well it has come up. It only took 5 Min's in total, no scrubbing required. All I did was wipe round with a damp cloth.

So I will NEVER need to buy yucky nasty chemical concoctions to clean the oven again.

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