Thursday, 3 February 2011

decisions, decisions

Today my fabric swatches came, remember the ones I ordered Monday. They were from Terrys fabrics I'm very impressed with the super fast delivery and the fabric swatches themselves, now I just need to decide which to use!

I'm thinking either the stripy one, or the one with the pale background and green flower outline for the kitchen.
The lighter of the suede reds for Dylan's bedroom (I do need to check with him first) and the pink princessy one for Stephanie's bedroom.
So the decisions to be made are;
1. strips/flower for dining room
2. light/dark red suede for Dylan
3. Which do I order first?

I also realised my error on my Monday blog post, I said on item number 3) I hadn't made any furnishings for the house last month, which is actually untrue. I forgot I had made net curtains for the hall and the living room!

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