Monday, 31 January 2011

end of month round up!

It seems like the last day of the month is a good time to recap on my New Years Resolutions. If I revisit them regularly I may manage to keep them. Well perhaps....

My resolutions were listed here. So lets see how are they going?

1) I have managed to send both children to school on tag days in their own clothes, a major achievement as I had not managed this since September.
Housework, I have settled into my routines and am managing, mostly, to keep on top.

2)Item 1 is definitely helping with this. I feel like I have had more time to play and just be with the children. Which is fab.

3) I haven't actually made any yet, although I ordered some swatches from here for both of the children's room, and the kitchen. So once they arrive I can plan these more.

4) I have managed to alter this dress for Stephanie, and repaired several other items of clothing, this counts as make more clothes, right?

5) I have totally paid off one more of my old debts. I now only have the larger ones left, so this will now be a slower process as I need to arrange payment plans etc. But definitely am getting there.

I have also made progress on this quilt I am going to complete it before Stephanie's birthday, what do you mean I have mentioned this already?- a few times!?

So my plans for February;
1) work more on the quilt.
2) plan the garden veg for this year
3) alter the dress I bought for myself in the sales.
4) start to make Stephanie's party bags
5) Start some of the home furnishing makes.

Hmm I think, given that I am also completing a research project for uni in February and taking my skills tests I think that will do for now.

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