Saturday, 12 March 2011

so sad

Today Stephanie heard on the local radio station that people were sending crae packages of tents and pans to Japan. Her first reaction was " well there not fun parcels  are they?"

So I explained to her what had happened with the earthquake and that many peoples homes had been  ruined and they had nowhere to live.

I am so moved by what she said next, she realised that this meant that there would be children who now how no toys. This she said is very sad and she would like to send some of her toys over to Japan for the children there as she has plenty. It is moments like this that I am so proud of my children. Stephanie is 4 years old and yet she has shown today so much caring for people who previously she had not known existed. I am so proud of her that I have spend time this evening trying to find out how I can go about sending some of her toys on her behalf. So far all I can find is information about sending money. If anyone out there has advice on how Stephanie can do this, please please leave a comment with details.

Thank you

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