Saturday, 16 April 2011

Erm life has got in the way again!

OK So have had a little trouble in the past week or so, when I have had time to post my laptop has decided it is not going to work! Not good considering I have been trying to write an important assignment for uni. Still I think it is finished now, I just need to read it through. That will wait until later.

I have been asked by Stephanie when am I going to make her summer dresses for this year. So I guess that is as big a hint as I am going to get. So whilst reading through other blog today I found this Elsie Marley kids clothes week. Such a fab idea and hopefully by then I WILL have finished the hexie quilt. I am resisting all other projects until that one is complete as Stephanie really wants it.

In other news the allotment is coming along well. I have planted beans and peas. I am half way through digging up the bed where the carrots and onions will go. I am so amazed at how friendly and generous other allotment holders are. One other allotment holder cut the grass on my bank the other day as he had his strimmer out. I have been given onion sets which were surplus to requirements. Today I was given some child sized hoes by someone else, they said they inherited them from another allotmenteer but were too tall to use them comfortably. It is not just the items I have been given, advice has been very kindly shared, as I am somewhat a novice it is very welcome.

I have also had some great days out, some with the children and some without. I have never had many days out without the children, I have really enjoyed them.

                                            Playing together during our trip to London yesterday.

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