Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Home making

Today I made something for dinner I have never made before- Salmon plait.
It was gorgeous even my fussy children enjoyed it!
I made it by;
  1.  steaming the salmon and making a basic parsley sauce.
  2. flaked the cooked Salmon into the parsley sauce.
  3. Rolled the puff pastry I had made yesterday.
  4. put the salmon on the pastry and folded the edges into the middle to look like a plait.
The only thing I will do differently next time I make it is that I will put the rolled pastry on the cooking tray before I put the salmon into it, as it was pretty difficult to lift of the kitchen side completed.

After school Stephanie and I made the invites for her birthday party. I'm very impressed with them. Stephanie definitely has an artistic side- she designed these and helped with the making of them. I may buy some more card tomorrow s that she can make some more and I can keep one for my memory box. Next I need to make the Pinata princess castle she wants. Hopefully I will manage that before the weekend.

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