Sunday, 1 May 2011

time is a ticking!

WOW where is time going? We celebrated the much awaited 5th birthday party for Stephanie. The party went fantastically, I made the cake, the pinata and the party bags myself. The children loved them all. The pinata was a pul string one, which didn't work but the children found it hilarious that my sister ended up covered in glitter breaking the trap door for them :-)

I missed a weeks worth of work on the allotment meanign that the lovely hot weather we have been enjoying has meant the cay soil is rock hard! I spent this evening clearing weeds.
I managed to clear almost all of this patch. I now need to finish clearing it and dig over so that I can get my carrots and onion sets in.

look we have LIFE! this is one of our pea plants. I have pea plants popping up where we planted them the other week. As well as a few unwanted plants popping up in the form of weeds. And I definately want to gloss over the fact that I am unsure which are weeds and which are plants on the potato patch..........

On the plus side obe thing I definately know- I have finished the hand peiced section of this hexie quilt I began what feels like forever ago but what is actually nearly a year ago. I know I had intended to complete it in time for Stephanie's birthday, so by the time it is quilted properly it will be about a fortnight ago but we can gloss over that right??!

Next on my list to complete are the curtains for our bedrooms, right after I have mended Stephanie's Tangled dressing up dress.

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