Monday, 6 June 2011

How to make a princess very happy

Today I discovered the way to make my princess happy.

I started work today on this dress Stephanie was that impressed with me completing it today that she TOOK OFF her sleeping beauty dress and put it on as soon as I had cut it free of the sewing machine. She is very pleased with it;

as it passed the swirl test- all dresses need to spin out when she spins. It is the first test applied to any new dress before she even looks in the mirror.
Then comes the cheese shot so that we can actually see the dress. I'm very impressed it looks good and was simple to sew.
Stephanie was also very impressed with the rainbow hat I finished as well, she has decided knitted clothes are as good as sewn ones so to really test me she has now requested
  1. rainbow gloves to go with the scarf and hat
  2. a school cardigan
  3. a dolls cardigan to match the school one
  4. a knitted dress.
Bearing in mind the hat is only the second item I have knitted these projects may take me all summer, wish me luck!

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