Sunday, 12 June 2011

Kids can cook challenge

I was planning on cooking another random recipe this weekend, but there was a change in plan.
This weekend has been a real treat.
Dylan has cooked dinner everyday.
Saturday was pork curry, very yummy but I forgot to get a picture.

Today he did roast dinner. It tasted so good I may have to encourage him to cook a roast each week!
Then with the left overs from our roast chicken Dylan made a pie for tomorrow's dinner. He made the pastry from the book you can see lurking in the background. It is a book I received as a Christmas present the year I had Dylan, over 12 years ago. I love the book, it is full of normal everyday recipes. I have many recipe books, but few of them are what I call basic how to do anything ones. This old faithful * gets puled out all the time as it really does have everything in it.

So go on, I challenge you. What can your children cook this week?

* if you click the link you will see there is no image available for the book. I have checked the ISBN on back of my copy with that given on the page to ensure it is the same book.

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