Sunday, 7 August 2011

Another summer dress

Today I found time to make Stephanie the dress she asked me for the other week. Her specifications were that;

1. it had the bodice all flat (as opposed to the smocked dresses I made her)
2. the skirt had to go up when she spins.

I remember when I was little testing skirts and they were only good enough if they went up- think dirty dancing triggered that requirement, however Stephanie has not seen that film yet so unsure where hers comes from.

I don't have a pattern for a fulls circle skirted dress. So I used a pattern I already had for the bodice and made the skirt part up. Stephanie came home half way through me making it, she put it on half finished and got me to safety pin it together so that she could test its twirl factor. I'm very pleased to say it passed!

Oh and I even managed to recycle the buttons I used to fasten the back- they came off of one of Dylan's old, stained school shirts!

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