Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A first for me!

I realise I have not posted for several weeks, mostly because I took the children away for a road trip. We spent a week at my Dad's house having lots of fun. I particularly enjoyed that he cooked, cleaned, did the washing AND ironing. I had a very relaxing week. We then went off for our camping road trip. We saw a lot of different parts of Wales. I plan on blogging about a few of the amazing places we visited over the next week or so. But tonight I am too excited about what I have done today so I need to post about that now.

I FINISHED a school cardigan for Stephanie.  I am rather proud of it and myself for completing it. Here have a peek;

Stephanie choose which pattern I should follow, she picked this one American girl. I didn't use the recommended wool, I used a this yarn. It knitted up slightly narrower than the recommended wool, which I decided would be good as Stephanie is becoming rather tall and slim so I thought it would fit her body shape nicely. As she is asleep now I have finally finished it will have to wait until tomorrow for me to see if this estimation was correct.....

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