Sunday, 11 September 2011

School cardigan number 2

I began knitting this cardigan on our recent camping holiday in Wales with the intention of completing it before the children went back to school- last Monday!
Well I slightly missed that deadline, but I have managed it finally. I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan it has a very pretty lace effect pattern, the instructions were so clear even I followed them with no trouble. It is a pattern from the British Hand Knitting Confederation, it is Pattern number BHKC19 *. I borrowed this from my mum, she has hundreds of knitting patterns, some are slightly dated others like this one are beautiful.

Stephanie hasn't seen this one yet as I have literally just finished sewing it together although I suspect that it will be worn to school tomorrow.
I realise I have not posted for a while but for some reason I seem to have not had time to do anything. I have started my new job in the past week and as it is full time I guess we are adjusting to the routine we need to fall into and before that summer holidays got in the way. I am considering writing several posts and then setting them up to automatically post, I have lots I want to share but have had no time to actually get around to writing the posts.

This weekend for instance I feel that I have not stopped, yet nothing except this cardigan have been completed. I have taken the children swimming and had a surprise whilst we were there- Stephanie swam, not just front crawl but also breaststroke for the first time by herself. I have suspected for a while that she is capable but lacking in confidence I think that I can safely say that this was indeed the case. She is now -quite rightly!- very impressed with herself and telling anyone that she happens to see.

We have also been to the allotment- I plan on a blog post about how this is developing over the next couple of days, as well as spending an awful amount of time cleaning. Don't worry I won't dedicate a whole post to this! I do however plan to have at least one post showing the highlights of our recent camping holiday, what I have already mentioned the holiday in this post? Well, I hadn't noticed.

* Mum did not buy it from this site, I have linked it to show the pattern.

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