Monday, 12 September 2011

Our summer holiday

It seems like an age ago now but just last month we were travelling around Wales, sleeping in our tent. I do enjoy camping. We go without TV/ any electrical appliance in the tent and just spend time together. The only electricity we use is that provided by the campsites in the form of lights in the toilets and showers. It is bliss.

We went to Anglesey where we visit the castle at Beaumaris, we spent time on Benllech Beach went on a boat trip to Puffin Island where we saw a colony of seals, and the highlight of the few days we spent there was seeing Prince William in his RAF helicopter waving to all of us in the play park as he flew over.

From there we went to Llanrug where we visited Caernafon castle (you will notice the children's main interest this summer through this post), we went on the only cable tram left in the UK to go up The Great Orme and the highlight of the few days we spent here was that the 3 of us climbed all the way to the top of Snowdon. I am still really proud that we did it, climbing a mountain sure is hard work but I would definitely do it again although the children seem somewhat reluctant!

We then went to Benar Beach where we spent time at the beach well we can't stay on the beach and not visit it! We also went to Harlech castle and Criccieth castle (spotted the interest yet?). We also visited  a medieval house which the children didn't appreciate as much as me for some reason...

Next we found ourselves in Milton where we went to the lovely seaside town of Tenby, whilst there we had a horse and cart ride with a wonderful owner who told us not only all about his horses and their routines but lots about the area we were in. We went on a boat trip to Caldy Island which is an island owned by monks. It was a fantastic day getting away form it all. It's a very peaceful island visitors can't take cars etc over so it is safe and quiet, a real haven from the 'normal' world. The monks their make the most amazing fudge and gorgeous chocolate. We also went to Pembroke castle, you must have discovered their interest by now! We also went to the National Wool Museum where we shown how the machines made fabric from wool. We saw the beginning of the process with the cleaning of the sheep's wool through spinning until it is woven. We had a fantastic guide explaining the process thoroughly. At the end of the tour when I asked about the old spinning wheels we could see he even showed us how they worked and let Stephanie have a go on one of them.

So you can probably see we did an awful lot in the 12 days we were away, yet the children have a HUGE list of things we still did not get to see and there are a few things I would like to do as well. Wales has so much to offer it is hard to pick one over all thing we did that was the best of the holiday.

on the boat trip around Puffin Island

Pausing on the way up Snowdon. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures at the top as it was so cold and windy the day we went up I didn't get a chance to take any, but I will never forget the amazing views it really was breathtaking.

Stephanie being taught how to use a spinning wheel by our fantastic guide at the Woollen museum. I really was amazed by how this museum captured both children's interest. I had preconceived ideas that they wouldn't be interested, it was more a trip out for me. I couldn't have been more wrong.

So there you have it- our fantastic summer holiday 2011.

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