Thursday, 15 September 2011

Caterpillar, caterpillar......

I LOVE butterflies- I even have a tattoo of one, I have them decorating my hallway. However the past week or so I am growing a little tired of them. Take a look at why

I found a disturbingly large amount of these harmless looking creatures in my veggies when we went to the allotment.

Just look at the devastation they have caused!

I really am upset about this, I am hoping that my relentless removal of offenders has helped to protect the plants I have left, time will tell when I get to the allotment at the weekend I guess.

In other allotment related news of a slightly happier state we have;

a job Dylan thoroughly enjoyed

Compost! Lots and lots of compost.

Stephanie very kindly took all of these pictures, apparently her job at the allotment is to observe what Dylan and I do at each stage of the seasons as she would like to make a scrap book of changes/ required jobs. So here is her first instalment- Autumn 2011.

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