Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Quilting update

We have been busy this week, what with it being summer- you mean you hadn't noticed?
Here is a small glimpse into what we have done so far this week;

We went to Dover Castle to watch the Knights tournament. We were most impressed that the Knight from the South won!

We have also been to Deal Castle. Stephanie is there in the gateway, she is the person on the very left.

We also went to the beach and spent a lot of time perusing different stones. We also watched somebody jet skiing this is now something daredevil Stephanie must do apparently. Personally I'm still coming to terms with her climbing the climbing wall last week, not sure I'm ready to watch her jet skiing just yet!

Today we went to the fair with my brother, all three of them had lots of fun. It was a little too hot to keep going on rides so we came home early and had ice cream in the garden instead.

In between all the busyness I have been finding half hour or so here and there to work on Stephanie's quilt.

here are the blocks I made this morning.

These are 2 which are not quite complete. I'm trying to use up all the offcuts of the fabrics I have used in the blocks made so far so that I have minimal waste. I am planning on attempting some triangular blocks, and Stephanie has asked me to make some diamonds. These are stretching my beginners piecing ability, but as I become happy with the blocks I will show them to you.

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