Sunday, 25 September 2011

Knitting ideas

Socks pic from here

I am diligently working my way through my latest knitting project for Stephanie, it seems a little slow going but it is more stitches than I have knitted before- 200+ per row at some points. This means a row takes a very long time to complete. It is in stocking stitch so very simple and not too much though required.

So bearing in mind that I am finding that this project is slow, why am I so tempted to knit something for myself especially when you consider I am somewhat larger than Stephanie is? I have been looking at different knitting blogs for inspiration this evening. After looking I have found a few garments I am a bit more than a little tempted by this cashmere this lovely jumper, am loving the neckline! this snugly cardigan.

Am also tempted to knit a pair of socks I haven't looked into this too much  but they sound soooo snugly and I do like snugly and cuddly clothing.

I will let you know how I get on with these ideas, I suspect if I start anything for me it won't be complete in time for this winter, but next year would be good too- right?

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