Tuesday, 4 October 2011

13th birthday celebrations.

Today it is my son's 13th birthday- where has the time gone?

He is so grown up now, his main present was a Kindle. He has been asking for one for ages. Then in the summer when we stayed at my Dad's he showed me his Kindle. I can see how it is so good, I certainly like the idea. However, for me personally I much prefer a book with real pages. Dylan however loves anything technical and is suitably delighted with it.

For birthday celebrations we had family round for a chip shop tea. It was lovely to catch up with them and the children were so excited to see each other, even cousin Karl who is my cousin (but Dylan's age) who doesn't know Kray-Ashly and Jayden- Dylan and Stephanie's cousins who do not know each other were getting on very well. I couldn't help wondering though wouldn't it be amazing if children had volume controls!

They did quiet down for their fish shop tea and homemade chocolate birthday cake.

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