Sunday, 27 November 2011

our weekend

I have been busy (as always this weekend). Why do weekends seem to go in a whirlwind? Would love one soon where I can sit still.

This weekend I have;

1. Making curtains for the house were planned a long time ago! I have finally got around to getting started on them. After a couple of dramas earlier in the week when I initially began working on them (broken scissors, a strange lack of lilac thread in the house). I present to you:

I'm very impressed, I have made curtains before, but I have never made ring top ones. I was somewhat nervous that I would make a massive mistake and ruin the material. I'm very pleased to say that I did not! 

2. I then made Dylan's curtains. His were a little more difficult as the suede effect material that he chose kept getting all static with the lining and sticking together. Not the best photo but it gives the general idea.

3. Stephanie and I began to wrap the Christmas presents. I am planning on doing a handful each day until they are done.

4. I pickled some of the red cabbages we have grown on the allotment. I can't wait til we can tuck in and see what it tastes like. I have never pickled my own food before so am quite excited to taste it.

I also had a catch up with a friend. We ended up sitting up until 3am chatting and drinking wine, it was a much needed gossip, followed by a much needed lie in. I didn't wake up until to 10.30am! Bliss, I don't think I have ever laid in that long. 

Stephanie and I also went shopping, we did the boring food shop and on the way home we popped into Homebase to look at the Christmas decorations and to by a plant pot to put flowers in at Mum's grave.
I will post about these things another day though as I feel they need a post of their own. 

How was your weekend?

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