Sunday, 5 February 2012

A January update

As it is now February I thought I would post a little update on how I am getting on with my aspirations for January.

  • Sophie's knitted top, I have already started on this. I have worked on this, still not finished it though

  • Knit Stephanie's gloves I decided not to knit her any as when I sorted out her room she has several pairs after all

  • Sew blind for downstairs bathroom done

  • fix up living room cushions it's a roll over- maybe I'll get this done in half term?

  • plan what we will grow this year and when they need planting. I have started thinking about this, I have the first Early's chitting now, and some veg seeds bought. I need to sort the compost then I can get planting.

  • buy fruit/veg from farm shop I need to organise myself better in order to achieve this one.

  • work out a budget so that I can put a set amount away towards a new car. I want to do this properly, I am going to sit and plan meals for a month so that I can do the shopping and get this organised. As I want to cook meals and freeze them to make work days easier I am going to do this in half term so that I can have a 'cook-off'

  • Swim at least twice I haven't done this as I broke my toe and have been dubious of making it worse. It isn't needing strapping anymore so I am going to give it a try, was going to be today but the snow has other ideas....

  • fix bike Again, broken toe made this a lower priority in January, maybe February then.

  • I am pleased with how much I had achieved, I haven't managed as much as I had hoped that just means I now have a more realistic view of what I am able to achieve around work.

    So what are February's plans. To see if I can complete some of January's projects that I haven't yet completed.

  • knit waterfall cardigan for Stephanie - this is being bumped further down the list for when I finish my current knitting.

  • Sew curtains/blinds for kitchen

  • varnish kitchen unit

  • swim at least 3 times

  • use bike

  • continue to buy fruit/veg from farm shop

  • go for family walks/bike rides

  • plant any seeds for this month

  • plan work for the allotment Already planned and begun. So technically a 'done' item already
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