Saturday, 11 February 2012


Today we decided to have a lazy day to begin our half term. It began by taking Stephanie to her swimming lesson, then on to the library. From there we went to the local market we got the vegetables and fruit that the children chose. We then walked past a couple of ladies who asked if we wanted a free recipe book. Dylan loves to cook and his ears popped up, I smiled to him to let him know it was OK to go over. The recipes are from local residents, a council drive to get people healthy.w As one lady explained about the recipes in the book another offered us some banana bread and offered to make us some risotto to try. The children were very keen, they loved the banana bread, Dylan enjoyed the risotto, Stephanie not so sure.

It inspired them to cook today, they began by making french bread pizza for their lunch. For dinner they made fajitas following a recipe in the book we were given today.

After dinner Stephanie made a banana smoothie, again from the recipe book.

Then they made a cake together;

It has been a lovely way to start our half term break.


  1. That sounds like a really nice start to the half-term.
    Like me, are you a teacher?

  2. Hello,we have woken up to snow today, no more than a sprinkle but a promise of more so not sure what today holds yet.
    I am a teacher :-)