Sunday, 12 February 2012

lazy Sunday

Do you see a bit of a trend here, lazy yesterday and lazy today! I can give you an excuse if you like- I do have a cold. Otherwise just this is what we feel like being. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to London for the day. We won't be spending all of half term curled up and hiding from the world however tempting it is right now.

On our lazy day today I have caught up with the ironing and mended a couple of tops of Dylan's that needed seams repairing/new buttons. I suspect there are more requiring the same treatment in his room- I will look when I am feeling braver.

I thought I would share some pics showing our lazy Sunday;

Exploring the icicles that have formed in the garden

Despite the snow and ice surrounding them the tulips and daffs poking up are proof that spring is on its way

the ones outside are doing considerably better than those inside

A simple lunch using up some of the Christmas leftovers and the bargain veggies bought yesterday

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