Saturday, 31 March 2012


A couple of months ago Stephanie drew a picture of her ideal birthday cake for her rapidly approaching 6th birthday. Since she drew it I have been considering how to make it. I came up with an idea and needed to try it, so what better excuse than my sister coming to stay with us not long before her 30th birthday. Above is her blowing out her candles.

The best part is Stephanie took one look and said it's exactly what she wants for her birthday- RESULT! as it was very simple to make.


  1. Aww brilliant! I always get Cameron to draw me a picture so that I am sure I know what it is that he's imagining.

    1. It was definately worth getting her to do the drawing first. I can also say it tastes good, I have been feeding it to anyone who comes over the front door they all ask for more :-)