Thursday 5 April 2012

viva la revolution.
I have decided to join Astra and join the happiness revolution. I have been following her blog for a little while and love her happy bubbly (or that's how I read it) attitude.

Astra invites us to "Just think of 10 things that are making you happy this month, write them down and grab the banner above for your post! Lets forget about the negatives for a minute, turn off the news and give some attention to all the good things in our lives!"

So here are 10 things that are making me happy at the moment.

1. Time at home with my children.
2. spending time with my sisters, 2 have been staying with me this week.
3. cuddles with my niece and nephew that have also been staying.
4. Lay-ins as it is the school holidays.
5. That I am keeping the surprise from the children that I have booked for next week.
6. That I have lots of veggies etc beginning to grow.
7. The lovely family days out we have had this week, we've not spent a single day at home yet.
8. Listening to the children playing together.
9. Not having the washing to do myself- my washer has broken and whilst I am waiting for the repair man to arrive the children's nan is doing my washing, I drop off a bag of washing and go back a couple of days later collect it all clean. Wonder how long it can be broken for ;-)
10. The cake I made for my sisters birthday, we have all been enjoying it this week.

Don't forget to link up your list below (and check out Astra's post) so people who want a positivity kick can come find you!


  1. Hello from Canada, Astra has really started something hasn't she?!
    Jane x

    1. Thank you for stopping by. She certainly has, I think it is a wonderful idea I'm really enjoying finding positive side of life :-)

  2. Your list is great. It's nice that your children play well with each other ;-) I joined the revolution too! Have so many smiles reading all the lists. Arwedd x

    1. I am very lucky with my children, I remember how much my sisters and I used to fight. So pleased they are not like that.
      Just off to find your revolutionary list now, am really enjoying everyones happiness