Saturday, 7 April 2012

Independence day challenge #8

I have had a week off work, with various family members having stayed with us. Here's what I have been doing garden wise this week;

1. Plant something
This week I have planted dwarf beans, and peas. I have also planted my seed potatoes in at the allotment.

2. Harvest something
We harvested lots of compost from the compost bins, some curly kale for dinner the other day.

3. Preserve something
I froze some prawns I bought reduced in the supermarket

4.Waste not
I have planted seeds in empty eggs trays now I have removed the potatoes that were chitin in them.

5. Want not
I can't think of anything in this section for this week, am sure there must be something though.

6. Eat the food
I made a birthday cake for my sister this week which we have all been enjoying all week. We also ate some of the vegetables I froze from the allotment.

7. Build community food systems
This week I have taken my sister and one of my nephews with me to the allotment to share the little knowledge that I have learnt in my short growing history. I have also given my nephew some of my seed potatoes and other seeds that he would like to grow to get the vegetable garden they are now planning on starting going.

8. Skill up
I have learnt this week that it is not slugs that are devastating my cabbages but PIGEONS. I was taught this by the man on the allotment plot next to mine, he has taught me a lot over the past year. So today, at his suggestion the children and I hung old Cd's around the cabbages to try and scare them away.


  1. How nice to have company :-) Now, what do the old CDs do to scare away the pigeons?

    1. I'm not entirely sure, I think as they hang they catch the light and reflect it which frightens them away, a bit like a scare crow. I don't mind how they work so long as they do, without hurting them :-)