Sunday, 8 April 2012

budget setting

I have had a reduction in income which has given me the push I need to re-assess my finances. I have been procrastinating about this for the past few months and thinking I need to do this, but then I procrastinate and think of things I need to do first which then pushes the start date back.

I am taking today as Easter day the symbol of new life etc etc to be my first day. I have written a list (surprise surprise regular followers will know I love a good list!) of my regular outgoings a month. I have read my gas/elec meters so that when my quarterly bill drops in the email in box during the next few weeks I know they will be accurate bills. After all bills etc are gone I have decided how much of the left over income goes into the new car savings pot and have left myself a weekly allowance for grocery shopping.

I have allowed for £40 per week for the 4 weeks between pay days April- May pay day. If I find I manage easily on this amount I will reassess and alter the budget for spend the following month and save more.
There is enough food in the house that I will only need to buy some fruit/veg/milk in the next 2 weeks before payday. This week we are away for a couple of days and then the children are at their Dads, so as it is only me home I don't need to buy anything as there is plenty in for me.

   Wish us luck!


  1. i was just about to post something similar myself.

    just to clarify - is the £40 a food budget?

  2. it's a supermarket shop budget, so will include cleaning supplies too. but not clothing.
    Maybe we could gee each other along with this?

  3. It really sounds like you are getting a plan together, you are so good. I am in a tight spot too and so wish I could get my shop down to £40. Will be really praying you succeed, I'm sure you will.

    Thank you so much for popping over to my Blog and commenting, I was so chuffed.

    Arwedd x

    1. Thank you for the prayers- I suspect I will need all the help I can get I am terrible for shopping! I really need to do this though so am hoping that my will power will not falter.