Thursday, 12 April 2012

apron tutorial

This evening I made a start on the sewing for Stephanie's upcoming birthday party, after I had FINISHED the quilt topper for my swoon along picnic blanket (more about that another day, another blog post)

Back to the aprons. You may remember that I had a couple made for the Virtual spring fair. I needed to make a few more for the party and I still needed to personalise them. As I made them I took some photos so that I could make a tutorial for how I do them so here goes;

1. Cut out the shape of you apron

2. Sew a hem all the way around the edges of the apron. I cheated a little and cut my aprons out so that the bottom of the apron was the selvedge edge, so I had a little less hemming to do.

3. once you apron is hemmed then you need to cut the ribbon/ binding that you plan to use for the neck straps/ apron ties. I cut the neck strap to be 44cm and each of the apron ties 30 cm. Then sew them on, I use a small zigzag stitch to do this. Once these are on your apron is complete you can stop now if you want. I have made them like this before and then let the children loose with fabric pens to decorate how they want. I had a request for personalised aprons for her friends this time around. So I carried on;

4. Select the fabric you want to applique the letter in. Use tailors chalk to draw the outline of the letter. Cut it out.

5. use sewing machine to applique the letter on. I used a zigzag stitch for this, this should help prevent fraying of the edges.

6. Admire your work!

incidentally, does anyone else make this much mess whilst crafting??

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