Friday, 13 April 2012

Independence day challenge

It's time for the weekly round up to see how I am doing in my journey to become self-sufficientish. I am following the posts began by The chatelaine's keys.

1. Plant something
Not a lot here this week, I planted some pea seeds.
2. Harvest something
Nothing here this week
3. preserve something
nothing here either
4. Waste not
I used some more egg cartons to plant the pea seeds into. I also used some of the ready compost down on the allotment today
5. Want not
Whilst out browsing the charity shops earlier I found some bargains for Stephanie's birthday; a couple of books and a fairy silk picture I know she will love. I made the aprons for Stephanie's birthday party using some curtain lining I was given years ago and some trimmings from my Mum's flat. I have just made Stephanie a new dress for her birthday using some buttons and fabric also from Mum's stash. Not food I know but all helps me to have less dependency on the shops.
6. Eat the food
I am still eating the birthday cake I made for my sister.
7. build community food systems
Lots of support given to my sister who has gone home and started to make her own vegetable patch in her garden after staying here and helping me.
8. Skill up
I can't think of anything for here this week I think I have mainly been practising the skills I already have ie lots of sewing this week.

So there you have my bid towards independence this week. If you are inspired to do the same please leave a comment below with your list, or a link to your post.

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