Saturday, 14 April 2012

Birthday preperations.

I have been set the task by  Stephanie of making her a castle themed craft party. For this her friends and her are going to be painting a cardboard box castle and making crowns. I am told I am making said castle. Expect more about this later in the week I am roping Nanny in to help me with this.
Whilst the children are crafting they are going to be wearing an apron which I am making and putting the child's initial on. I have done this for some of the children. I have 2 more definitely to make (the birthday girl being one of those). Plus any extra replies I get later in the week from those not yet responded.
Another request from Stephanie was to make a pink tiered dress from a pattern I already have from her Halloween costume. I spent all of this afternoon working on it, I'm a little concerned it is going to be a little big so I anticipate that I shall be making a couple of alterations on it tomorrow when Stephanie is home and tries it on. What do you think?

This next dress is a surprise for her which she shall get on Sunday with the rest of her birthday presents;

When I was in the charity shops yesterday looking for things for school I found a couple of little treasures I am sure Stephanie will like so they have been added to her birthday pile. The first was this picture for the bargain price of £1.

The picture doesn't do it justice really. It is one of those silk picture that is so shiny and beautiful. The next thing I know I am going to be reading at bedtime for the next few months and I'm sure Stephanie will love this too;

I got that for the princely some of 89p.

I have a few other presents to give to her all of which were bought in either the January sales or closing down sales. I haven't got her many as she asked for a trip to Legoland for her present which we went on this week as we all go back to school next week making day trips a little more tricky.


  1. Both dresses look absolutely fabulous. I wish my Mum had made me something like that when I was little. I'm sure she will adore them.

    Arwedd xx

    1. Thanks Arwedd, I have given her the top dress as I was concerned it would be too big and might need altering, it is down to the ground on her but she wants it left like that as it is like Sleeping Beauty's dress! I also wish I had been able to have something like that when I was little (trying to think of an excuse to make myself one now LOL), my Mum had the ability but not the resources when I was little.