Friday, 16 March 2012

Independence day challeneg #5

This week I have been poorly so I have a feeling this weeks post will be slightly on the lean side.

1. Plant something
I planted lots at the weekend;
tomato- yellow stuffer
spinach beet
carrot- early nantes
sweetpea- old fashioned mix
pea- meteor
lobelia- crystal palace
cauliflower- all year round
brocolli- autumn
parsnip- hollow crown
beetroot- boltardy
early pea- kelvedon wonder
flax- scarlet

2. harvest something
nothing this week

3. preserve something
nothing this week

4. waste not
I used compost out of the home compost bin and empty pots that would have gone in the recycling to plant the seeds.

5. want not
I have been given some bananas and milk from a colleague as they would go to waste over the weekend

6. eat the food
we had an apple pie I had made from last years apples and frozen for pudding. Not much cooking happened this week as I wasn't feeling up to it I have came home from work and collapsed everyday except today.

7. build community food systems
I am planning on sharing the milk and bananas I was given with family as I won't be able to use it all.

8. skill up
Erm can't think of anything I have learnt this week. Will have to see if I can manage to find something for next time.

On waste news, I had no rubbish to put out this week. Our council runs waste collection on the system that general household waste is collected weekly, recycling on fortnight A and garden/food waste wheeliebin on fortnight B. this week was fortnight B, and as there is barely anythign in the wheelie bin I didn't put it out. I had no general waste at all again  <<smug feeling emoticon>>.


  1. I can't wait till our beds are finished outside so I can start some direct planting! I just updated my challenge today after planting a lot of things.

  2. How are the beds coming along? I'll not be direct planting for a while yet, the evenings are still cold here :-)

  3. What a planting list! Wonderful! I just love this time of year when, even if you can't put seeds directly in the ground yet, they can still go in some soil in the house to get ready for warmer days and nights :-)

    1. It is a long looking list, I did only plant a few seeds of each, I don't have masses of growing space, but hope that by staggering planting I will have a longer cropping time. Am beginning to run out of indoor space to put things, what with the potatoes merrily chitting on every surface :-)