Sunday, 11 March 2012

a little bit of gardening.

I have spent the whole weekend sorting out the gardens.
                                                   The back garden started the weekend like this;

The front garden now looks like this( I forgot to take a before shot) Believe it or not this tiny little patch took 12 bags of chippings, it would look better with another couple as well;
The back garden now looks like this;

Little splashes of colour are starting to pop up;

Strawberry plants are looking good so far;

And the raspberries are beginning to grow new shoots;

I love tulips :-)

There is still work to be done, I want to pave over the patch near the back door so that I can put the garden table there this year.
Once I finished working I sat in the sun and read a magazine while dinner cooked. The children also took advantage of the good weather;


  1. You've been busy! I love this time of year when it's warm enough to be out in the garden without a coat and the weeds are fairly easy to get out as the ground has been recently frozen.
    I love tulips, too, but I don't know if ours are going to flower - they sprouted early and now they're looking a bit sad.

    1. I love tulips, they were my Mum's favourite too. They are slightly weather beaten from the winds last week but still look pretty.

  2. Splashes of colour do make a world of difference.

    1. they do, the sun out helps a lot too :-)