Friday, 9 March 2012

independence day challlenge #4

OK Here goes for this weeks round up!

1. plant something
This week my greenhouse was blown over, so I need to re plant some of the seeds planted last time. I have already re-planted;
brussel sprouts

2. harvest something
nothing this week

3. preserve something
I froze some meat I bought from the supermarket reduced aisles.

4. waste not
I re-used some compost from my spud bags used last year to plant the seeds. I also re-used some empty food containers (yoghurt pots, fruit pots etc) to plant the seeds in

5.want not
I bought lots of food etc in the supermarket reduced section. These have formed the basis of all meals this week

6. eat the food
We have used up the reduced bargains I bought in the week
I made biscuits and cheese straws with the children at school for us to have at snack time

7. build community food systems
nothing this week

8. skill up
I watched a TV program in the week that showed how to clean a cooker with just a bicarb and water paste- I tried and it worked!! Most impressed my cooker is shiny and squeaky clean.

In other news I am feeling very boastful- I had no non recyclable waste this week :-)

My inspiration for the independence days challenge comes from Angela and was originally started by The Chatelaine's Keys. If you are inspired then leave a comment below and pop over to their blogs to check out what they are doing for this weeks challenge.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your greenhouse. What a pain right? We're going to get a very late start starting seeds this year.

    1. It was a pain, but not as bad as your greenhouse disaster- that I would have cried at! my greenhouse is one of the 'plastic cover over a shel storage system' ones. We didn't have anything near the winds you must have had.
      It was upsetting to see all my seed pots upside down and squashed. The only ones that appear to have survived are the broccoli.
      Hope you manage to get yours sorted quickly

  2. Wow, I'm very impressed with your empty non recyclable waste bin. Fantastic. Sorry about the greenhouse.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks, I am still feeling a little smug over it :-)