Monday, 5 March 2012

February round up

I just realised it is March and  I've not shown you what I have acheived in February, it's not that impressive but I have acheived a few things.

My original  aspirations list had these as my aims

  • knit waterfall cardigan for Stephanie - not started

  • Sew curtains/blinds for kitchen -delayed until I have been able to plan decorating so I know what I want to do

  • varnish kitchen unit - started but not finished

  • swim at least 3 times - managed to go 2 times in half term

  • use bike - technically I used it, although only round the block once, after Dylan helped me to fix it

  • continue to buy fruit/veg from farm shop- not been to the farm shop have bought from local market though

  • go for family walks/bike rides- we haven't done this, but did have a couple of days out in London

  • plant any seeds for this month- lots planted. I have some devastating news, the high winds blew over my little greenhouse last night. I think I have lost all seedlings I need to try and get home during daylight tomorrow so I can sort this out. 

  • plan work for the allotment. Work planned and begun.

  • Considering the list like this shows I have acheived more than I thought. So feeling quite pleased with that. So what do I have planned for this month?

  • Make summer dresses for Stephanie

  • Work on Mum's crocheted blanket started this already, need to buy some more matching yarn so I can complete

  • decorate kitchen

  • begin work on the allotment done this already, still more to be done but it is started

  • swim

  • cycle

  • I also plan on adding;
    • decorate hallways, they are looking VEY tatty so are higher priority than the kitchen now.
    • finish swoon quilt/picnic rug
    • finish Henry VIII cross stitch


    1. i am very sorry to hear about the greenhouse. there are always unforeseen setbacks. i have had to put netting over the raised beds because the cats thought i had made them a giant litter tray!!!!!!!

    2. There definately are! I'm sorry but am trying not to laugh, just imagining some very excited cats at the prospect of huge toilet lol