Sunday, 4 March 2012

Works in progress

I had planned to get up and go to the allotment this morning, but I had a couple of texts from family that meant changing plans, nothing serious just earlier times for our gathering this afternoon. So I didn't have as much time as I had expected. Not to mention the torrential rain that means the clay soil at the allotment is even harder to dig!

I did manage to blanche and freeze 2 bags of savoy cabbage, one of curly kale and 1/2 a bag of red cabbage.

I have also selected some possible colours for the hallway. I'm tempted by the peachy colour to the left. Stephanie thinks that we should paint it all of them and have a massive rainbow going up the stairs!

As I have ran out of the wool I need to finish the crochet blanket my mum started and I want to go on my bed I have decided to finish this cross stitch. When my sisters and I sorted out Mum's flat we found several projects mum hadn't completed. We chose one's we thought suite dour homes/ children. This one Henry VIII and his wives is one I have chosen to do is going to be for Stephanie, she developed a fascination with Henry VIII last year when visiting many of the local castles which were built for him. It is nearly complete I just need to finish the border.

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