Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sewing Saturday

I was sewing some more blocks for my swoon quilt earlier when I realised I haven't cleaned my sewing machine recently. In fact since I bought it about 18 months ago I'm embarrassed to say. Hence it looking like this;

I could only clean around the bobbin case. Here I am trying to unscrew the plate using the screwdriver that came with the machine- I couldn't manage it as the screwdriver is too tall and I don't have a shorter one. Even without getting the plate off I managed to brush this lot out;


I did manage quite a bit of sewing today I know have 5 blocks of the swoon quilt sewn;

I'm pleased with the progress so far.


  1. That is a skill i envy.

    Do you know about the virtual Spring Fair on Mum's blog?

    Your sewing skills could be show-cased on a 'stall'.

    By the way I have started The Inde Challenge.

    1. No I haven't looked at the spring fair, thanks for the link I will check it out- will swing by your blog on route to see how you are getting on with the challenge :-)