Monday, 23 April 2012

The craft party success!

We have decided that the craft party on Saturday was a success. All those who attended, that I have spoken to since, have praised it. The children's Nan was very surprised at how relaxed it was. Busy yes, messy yes, stressful no.
I put my 9 year old nephew in charge of the photo taking as I never get opportunity at the children's parties to snap away. Giving the camera to him to use gave him a grown up job to do, it also gave the other adults dotting around 'permission' to snap away for me when he put the camera down. Resulting in a massive 160 photographs roughly of the party.
Here's some of the pictures;

All hands on deck for the painting of the castle

Children were amazed when I said they could chalk on the fences/ shed etc; My children and I had to show them that this really is allowed. It was as if I had set them a trap!

The same with digging in the 'box'

The birthday cake

The smiles on every ones face made it worth while. Rough running order for the 2 hour party;

  1. guests arrived and set to work painting the castle on arrival
  2. crown/sword/shield etc making
  3. food
  4. pass the parcel
  5. garden games
  6. cake and singing
  7. party poppers and departure.
The games we had in the garden were;
space hoppers- or humpy hoppers as my nephew calls them

nothing amazing or out of the ordinary but the children loved it.

Definitely a party I would repeat.


  1. It all so sounds so fantastic. Can I come to the next one?

    Your hard work definitely paid off, I'm not surprised everyone enjoyed it so much.

    Arwedd xx

    1. of course you may, not sure what the theme/idea for next one will be yet. Possibly a baking party from the ideas so far, we have almost a year to decide :-)

  2. I'm with Arwedd. It sounds as a great time was had by all, So much more fun than a party at Mucky D's or a Pizza parlour. Something that the kids will remember for a long while.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. That's what I try to do with the children's parties something out of the ordinary and memorable :-)