Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shopping budget

Just 'popping in' to say how the shopping challenge has gone this week.

If you ignore the fact that Stephanie chose pizza hut for her birthday tea treat, costing £33, I have spent £3.55 on shopping this week. If you don't ignore this fact then I have spent £36.55 meaning I am UNDERBUDGET!!!

I have been very strict due to spending so much on the birthday treat. All I bought was;
  • 2 packets of ham on offer so total cost £3.00
  • 1 packet of mixed salad, reduced to 30p
  • 1 packet of tomatoes reduced to 25p
These items have been the main part of our lunches this week. Everything else has come out of the freezer and cupboards. I am feeling very proud of myself this week. It hasn't been easy, I have really ancied a pack of crisps all week, probably because I haven't got any in! I resisted the pull towards the shops, I have not been near one since going to the petrol station on Sunday where I purchased the above items. Oh I am sorry a small fib there- I went on Tues eve to get a gift for my Childminders daughter as it was her birthday and I forgot. I got her a present in the reduced section at the local outlet centre, it was a very pretty silver handbag for £4.

 I am going to do a strict menu plan for next week before I go shopping to see how well I can do, I have been so pleased with this week it has spurred me  on to keep going.

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