Friday, 27 April 2012

Independence day challenge

I woke up to this view this morning made such a lovely start to the day

The rest of this week I have woken up to the black clouds racing across the sky and watching next doors guttering dripping. Not that I am complaining we need the rain but I do love the sunshine.
Here goes for this weeks challenge.

  1. plant something I upplanted my bean plants that were growing in the kitchen, I am planning on planting them out at the allotment this weekend. I also planted some cucumber, sprouts and pumpkins
  2. harvest something compost for upplanting beans and planting the other seeds.
  3. preserve something nothing this week
  4. waste not I planted the seeds in old egg boxes
  5. want not I got some salad leaves and tomatoes for pennies at the end of the day last Sunday which have been in my lunches all week.
  6. eat the food We have had the birthday cake from last week (which was finished v. quickly). I made fairy cakes for lunch boxes. We have eaten the last of the frozen kale with our dinners. The other day we had the last of the fish pies I had made and frozen from the fish given to us by my uncle. Today we made homemade pizza for tea, I had apple crumble I had made from apples off of the allotment and frozen last year.
  7. build community food systems family and neighbours helped to eat the birthday cake, rather tenuous I know but sort of fits here.
  8. skill up I learnt this week how to make scrummy home made pizza. We have made it for years but I have never really enjoyed it I made it with the children for them rather than the taste. However talking with a colleague she told me that rather than jut spreading tomato puree on the base as I normally would to mix some ketchup with the puree for the sauce as it makes it less sharp <insert correct description here my mind is too tired!> Whilst browsing blogs early in the week I came across a blogger who posted her recipe for the base. I find my base very doughy and not crisp enough. The other blogger, so sorry if it is you I can't remember where I read it, bakes the base blind for 10 Min's then adds the topping and finishes the cooking. We tried this along with my colleagues sauce and I must say the result is the BEST pizza I have ever made. I loved it can't wait to make it again now.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole pizza so you'll just have to look at my plate, sorry.

This is my apple crumble and squirty cream. The cream is left over from the party. YUM!

Another skill we tried this week is nail varnish making. Stephanie received a make your own kit for her birthday. We had a try tonight it was so simple and she loved it.

I can't wait to see what you have all been up to this week, leave your post in the comments, or link to your blog.


  1. What a great score of greens and tomatoes! The end of the day is the perfect time for a score!!!

    1. It certainly is, I will reduce my outgoings and finding things like this really helps :-)
      As will summer coming so I can harvest my own ;-)