Saturday, 28 April 2012

Menu planning

As part of my determination to stick to a budget I have been menu planning. I thought I would share with you my planned meals for the next week. The above is a picture of the whiteboard I have hanging in the kitchen for this.
On the menu for next week the bulk of the ingrediants are already in the freezer, Monday and Tuesdays chicken dishes will be made using leftover chicken from the roast we will be having tomorrow. I don't plan for breakfasts; Stephanie eats hers at her childminders, Dylan will make toast/ have cereal bars and I have fruit/cereal bars. At the weekend I will sometimes make pancakes/ dippy eggs etc depending on what we are doing and what the children want. Lunches when we are at school tend to be very predictable- the children always want the same ham/cheese sandwich fruit and a cake. I'll make mine with whatever in the fridge needs using first.
Underneath you will see I have my shopping list for the week, as the meats/fish are already here I should be well able to stick to my £40 food budget- if there are any good offers in the yellow label section when I go I pick them up and pop them in the freezer when I get home for use another week. You will see on the shopping list 2 items not usually there- yeast and bread flour. I have been inspired by Astra to have a go at making my own bread. Wish me luck.

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