Friday 4 May 2012

May's happy list

Joining in with Astra, Here are my 10 reasons to be happy in May;

1. I'm having a weekend away with my children thanks to the bank holiday! Our 1st camping trip of the year.

2. Longer days; means I wake up in the day light and get home from work in the day light. I am awake/ working the same length of time it just feels better when I see more daylight.

3. I have learnt to bake bread that my children like, they complained this week when I gave them shop bought bread :-)

4. I made my new picnic blanket, so the sun has to come out now so that we can trial it.

5. My beautiful children :-)

6. I have a large amount saved so that I can buy my new car in the next couple of months, only a little more saving to go.

7. There are strawberries forming on the plants in my hanging baskets.

8. There is a half term coming up so I'll get to spend lots more time with my children.

9. I have just had a girls night out, and have another planned for in a couple of weeks.

10. Life is good.


  1. I loved reading that, what a great list. I cant wait to have my own little ones :) and so glad they liked the bread too - what a bonus! you have to keep up the home baking now lol x

    1. Thanks astra, children amaze me all the time with the things they say and do (my own children and those I work with). We def will be continuing home baking we made pizza dough from scratch jars night too, we usually have a just add water box :-)