Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shampoo rave!

Just to be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I am writing an honest review on a product I have found and love!

I have very greasy hair, I hate washing it daily yet I have not previously found any shampoo that makes my hair clean for more than 24 hours, most of them work much less. When shopping the other week I found this shampoo on sale in the 99p shop. I love a bargain and the packaging says 97% natural so it appealed to my eco-friendly wannabe side. I am very pleased with the results in the 1st wash my hair was feeling soft and non greasy so much so that I have not needed to wash it for 2-3 days at a time RESULT!

So what is this amazing shampoo? I hear you ask. Here it is;

Naked Detox 2 in 1 Shampoo
I am doing some more reading up on their products on their website here I must say I'm liking what I have read so far; recycled packaging, plant based products, no animal testing. I also like the price I paid, the bottle I bought in the 99p shop is on the website for £3.99. What a fantastic bargain!! I would never have paid that much for it, especially with not knowing how well the product works for me. However, now I have tried it if I can't get it in the 99p shop again I would pay more for it. Now I wonder what other products I can buy.......


  1. Thanks for sharing, it's nice to know when something has really worked for aomeone. I will be scouring my local 99p shop for it, so fingers crossed.

    Arwedd xx

    1. Good luck Arwedd, I'm hoping mine will have some left when I next make it to town! I will deinately buy a couple of bottles.