Saturday, 19 May 2012

Independence day challenge

I've not got around to writing a challenge post for a couple of weeks so I am doing a post spanning the past couple of weeks as I can't remember exactly what slots into where since I last posted.

1. Plant something
I have panted lots of different seeds over the last few week as many of the previously planted ones have not survived. I have planted squash- butternut and pumpkin, peas, beans, Brussels, cucumbers and a couple of varieties of tomatoes. I have also potted up some that had outgrown their previous pots I am hoping to plant them out properly in the next couple of weeks.
2. harvest something
I have harvested some rhubarb, cabbage and leeks.
3.preserve something
I have frozen 3 cabbages for later use. I have yet to do something with the leeks.
4. waste not
I have donated a lot of plastic/ cardboard waste to the school junk modelling trolley meaning it gets used again.
5. want not
I have bought a LOT of yellow labelled foods I rarely buy anything else it seems! I have also got some plant pots which were left out by another allotmenteer with a note saying they were free, I have bought some home and planted into them. As there were still a lot there nearly a fortnight after they were first placed there I have taken some more; I am planning on taking them into school as another teacher is trying to improve her outdoor area and do some planting with her class.
6. eat the food
We have been eating a lot of homemade bread as well as [reserved food out of the freezer and jam.
7. build community food systems
By taking in the plant pots for another class to use I am helping do this as the children learn about where the food comes from.
8. skill up
I have learnt to make snail/slug traps that work. A little gross to empty but there are a lot less on my cabbages now. I put some beer (left over from Christmas) into old plastic party cups and 'planted' them amongst the cabbages and they worked; lots of slugs and snails to empty out when I went down a few days later. RESULT!

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