Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our week

I have been so busy this week with work and home I haven't managed to post. I am going to do one round up post too give just a brief over view of our week in the glorious sunshine.
I have been starting each day with a run, I am running the race for life in a fortnight so I have been training, I have used the NHS couch to 5k programme as a basis. I did not start the plan 9 weeks before my race as I should have if I was organised. However, my beginning level of fitness wasn't too low. I adapted the plan to work for me. I have been running everyday rather than every other day as is suggested because of the time I have to do it. I have found this fine I have done the first 4 weeks as daily so instead of doing the same run for a week I have done it for one day then moved on. I have completed week 5. I hadn't downloaded the podcasts past week 5 I realised this morning when I was planning on beginning week 6, so I ran to the podcast of week 5 run 3 but took myself on a 5k route to gauge where I am at. It took me 25 Min's to complete, not bad but I am aiming for 20 minutes. I'm progressing towards this hopefully I'll be able to make it in the next fortnight to my target.

Then comes work, I have been taking salads for lunch, the children are enjoying my home made bread and have told me they would like it if I never buy bread again! That is indeed fine praise. We spent the beginning of the week going to the allotment after work, we need to empty the pallet compost bin as it is collapsing. We are currently at 2/3 of the way through the first side. Once it is empty I will be rebuilding it.

Stephanie had a Jubilee party at school on Friday where they could bring in a food treat to enjoy. I had forgotten (oops!) Thursday night I asked what she would like to buy and she said I don't want to go to the shops can we make choc chip cookies? So we did;

They were yummy and best of all the ingredients were already in the cupboard.
 Yesterday Dylan and I decided that we wanted a barbecue for dinner. I bought one of the £5 barbecue packs in Iceland's. We cooked less than half of it; the rest will be saved for another day. I made the bread rolls myself. I used the recipe I got from Astra for making a loaf and just split it into roll shapes after kneading. I had much more success with the round buns than forming the sausage shaped buns, I need to work on those more.

Now my bread bin is filled with scrummy fresh bread rolls. Perfect :-)

As well as all this I have managed to begin decorating the hall and have moved flowers out of seeds trays into their final positions in the garden. I uppotted my tomatoes as they were outgrowing their little pots, but I fried my poor little seedlings, I forgot to open the 'door' on my little greenhouse before going to work the other day, my garden is a sun trap so very warm even on the not as scorching as it had been days. So poor little things now look cremated I need to get some new ones now or will have no lovely tomatoes this summer.

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