Monday, 28 May 2012

Thunder storm

We have been blessed with  some absolutely scorching weather the past week or so. I love the sunshine and can never wait for summer to arrive. This afternoon just as I was getting ready to leave work we had a thunder storm and some very sudden and heavy rain. When I got home this is what I found;

It looks like a lovely country park or somewhere where we may go walking at the weekends doesn't it? It is in fact the main road leading onto my estate. The rain came down so suddenly the drains could not cope and the road flooded. A lot of people turned around and went alternate routes but some people decided to chance it;

When I got home the neighbours and children were all trying to guess what was causing all the traffic and sirens that they could see and hear. They could not see this road from our houses. They thought I was exaggerating the state of the road so I walked them down to have a look. This bottom picture shows the children being very excited and trying to jump over the waves of water as if they  were at the beach. While us parents/ other adults were disbelieving that some of the cars tried to get through or the way people were (on the other side of the road from us) driving on the paths instead of going a different way in order to try and avoid becoming stuck in the water.
A little light entertainment for all before we came home for dinner!

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