Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Our harvest

I am so excited I have begun harvesting! So much promise. Trying to ignore that the peas and beans have not grown this year and celebrate what has. In the spirit of this I am going to add some bars to the side of the page which show what we harvest. I'm going to weigh what I collect and tally it up.

I have the most harvest of ripe food from  the raspberries at the moment. I decided to try thinning out my apple trees today after reading other people's blogs the other day I have decided to try this method.

I now have a bag of under ripe apples I plan to use them for the pectin content in jam making later in the week. Whilst at the allotment today we picked another tub of raspberries and some more elder flowers for cordial making later this evening. Off now to make side bars and then prep the food!

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