Saturday, 2 June 2012

A promise of things to come

I have spent today at the allotment and doing the garden ( we'll gloss over the shopping trip and day dreaming of escaping someone green on my own for now). At the allotment the potatoes have been earthed up a couple of times and poking through lovely and green, there are 2 pea plants that have grown- Mr Slug go away! and the cabbages are looking fine!

At home have lots of fruit growing;

The strawberries are growing fantastically I'm rather excited as I have 8 baskets of these!

The raspberry bush is very green. It's starting to get it's berry on too

It's getting to my favourite time, all the fruits are getting ready for me to eat :-)


  1. It's all looking very lovely. I can sense the excitement.

    Sadly I can only grow weeds.

    Arwedd xx

    1. Thanks Arwedd the strawberries seem to grow themselves in the baskets- I've done nothing to them. The raspberries are very free growing too, the bush in the pic was from a single cane put in 2 years ago.