Sunday, 10 June 2012


Another busy day here, Sundays always seem quite busy for some reason. I began the day by collecting both children and their Nan to come and watch me run the race for life. I have raised £13 in sponsor money. I haven't asked many people for sponsor money as everyone knows someone who does it now as it is becoming increasingly popular. I like to think if everyone who was there today raised that amount there is a huge amount to help someone like my Nan and Mum who both lost their fights to cancer in the past 18 months. I managed to run the race in 26 minutes not too bad a time, Stephanie ran the last 100m or so with me, it was a lovely moment. She has asked if next year she can do it with me, I can see me signing up for 2 different events as I will do it with Stephanie but I also like to try and improve my time. Today I knocked 2 Min's 30 seconds off my last time.
After lunch we went to the allotment for some more compost organising (Dylan and Stephanie) and weeding and digging (me). Before we left I took pictures of how things are coming along;

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