Friday, 8 June 2012

Using it up!

As part of the using it up callenge set by Mrs Green I have been wading my way through the food in my fridge for the past couple of days so far I have eaten;
Chicken fried rice
egg rolls
sliced beef and duck skewers with salad, coleslaw and potato salad
turkey rolls
griddle pan waffles

All except the griddle pan waffles were made using barbecue leftovers. I have had to put some more into the freezer as the children have gone to their Dads for a few days and I am off to stay with a friend. So rather than waste the 2 boxes of cooked chicken breast and 4 packs of bread rolls I have frozen them to eat another day.

When the children and I went to the woods the other day we collected some elderflowers to make cordial with. As Stephanie has an allergy to citic acid I made 2 batches one using lemons, one without. Instead of citric acid I made it with tartaric acid which she is ok with.
Here is the citrus one;

This is them all bottled (or jarred!) up. I keep any jars I use throughout the year so that I can make jams for us all in the summer months. When the bottle of wine was emptied the other day I thought it would be useful for this recipe. Unortunately I only had one wine bottle so the rest of the cordial has gone into jars- there's an excuse to drink more wine ;-)

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